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I was born and raised in East Germany and was 12 years old when the "Wall" fell. Currently, I reside in New Mexico with my hubby and black lab "Roxy."

Art has always been my hobby and an escape from a stressful day job in health care. The vacuous desert of New Mexico inspired my creativity to fill the voids with huge colorful paintings of flowers, plants, mountains, landscapes, and extraterrestrial planets. Having run out of space on our walls, I began selling my pieces at a local farmer's market. Always in search of new ideas and mediums, I took a few courses in silversmithing and became passionate about creating custom handmade jewelry.

three hearts

three hearts 3 metal hearts :) I used copper ,brass , sterling silver cut 3 hearts in different sizes from different metals mine are copper, brass , sterling silver cut sterling silver wire to make your ring shank silver wire ,or metal wire is the best you can use for ring shanks , the width is always consistent and its a lot less work mark with your makers stamp and 925 for the sterling

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On friday, I went to school in my Grell cosplay. On friday, I wanted to celebrate a fun day with some friends I met at a convention who are attempting to put on a nearly impossible show. On friday, I went to school expecting a few strange looks, confused questions, rude comments, and maybe even a few laughs.

What I didn’t expect was that I would be attacked by someone that I had never even seen before.

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my mom in law does not think she has talent - I think she does - Imgur

my mom in law does not think she has talent - I think she does - Imgur